Smart IR Remote AnyMote Mod APK v4.6.8 Free Download

You know, day by day increasing a  technology smart in the remote app is also a wish of them. You don’t need to keep TV remote with you when you want to change TV channel. Install smart IR remote mod apk on your android phone and set up a functionality like a TV remote and use it. You can create and add least of panels into the smart or apk and connect all kind of work into the remote. Android app is a universal remote control of TVs which used in mobile.

As an app, you ever need to install in your android device mobile and tablets. Colour tiger is the company that developed and offered smart in remote app. You can download smart IR apk from google play store and app market source. Usually, in the app store, this app is also known by anymore universal remote. Above 9 lacs device added and still count is on. Similar Tools & Utilities Apps Package Disabler Pro Apk and Titanium Backup Pro Apk

Smart IR Remote Pro APK Free Download

Smart IR Remote Pro APK Free Download

Download Smart IR Remote AnyMote APK

Smart IR remote pro apk is not just a use for a remote of TVs you can also use them into a different home appliance like Wi-Fi, AVR, VCR, X-Box, DVD remote and other devices. In Some of the devices are not compatible with them like Huewai, sony, LG phones, and tablets. In pro app which includes some paid activity.

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App Screenshots

  • Smart IR Remote - AnyMote Screenshot
  • Smart IR Remote - AnyMote Screenshot
  • Smart IR Remote - AnyMote Screenshot
  • Smart IR Remote - AnyMote Screenshot
  • Smart IR Remote - AnyMote Screenshot
  • Smart IR Remote - AnyMote Screenshot
  • Smart IR Remote - AnyMote Screenshot

Features of Smart IR Remote – AnyMote APK

  1. Compatible with many different devices
  2. U use of this remote is universal in the device.
  3. Customization: re-arrange buttons, change the colors, text, icons, position and more that included in apk.
  4. Macro Creation: in general term macro is a function using then you can use command over in a single touch.
  5. Automatic task: like mute and call and call aborting is the automated task that done by command.
  6. Voice Command: google now is enable the feature that’s why you can use voice command there.
  7. Gesture: the remote gesture in remote or apk like air gesture but is only for galaxy s4 mobile.
  8. Multiple add: you can add multiple remote for multiple devices and use as long as you want.
  9. Paid Feature: some paid features like add unlimited remote, backup and restore the remote and personalize customer support.


The universal boss of the remote world, smart remote it is the globally accepted in the global Android and smart IR Remote Pro APK Download devices market. It is the highly recommended if you are a technology geek. It is very useful to compact the device and control the device on one handy touch. Configure and use hope it’s like a lot.

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